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The Students of

We Enjoy The Journey

Sonya has coached students in many different equine disciplines.  They have competed in events such as

  • Cowboy Dressage®

  • Classical Dressage

  • Pleasure Driving

  • Driven Dressage

  • In Hand/Halter/Confirmation

  • Breed show classes 

If you are interested in showing or if you are simply interested in improving your horsemanship, Sonya is a strong, well-rounded instructor who can help you achieve your dreams with your horse!!!

Linda Garet & Ollie

I’ve known Sonya Livermore for around three years. I am studying Cowboy Dressage® with her. I love its emphasis on kindness and partnership with your horse as well as soft feel. She manages to always give very specific instructions on how to achieve my riding goals. She is a recommended Cowboy Dressage® judge and a recommended Cowboy Dressage® clinician. She is always professional and kind as well. I’ve seen her train many differing breeds and personalities of horses. It is a true joy to see her work a horse. She can ride classical dressage as well as Cowboy Dressage®. She also trains horses to drive. Under her training, my horse and I have both grown in our skills and gained confidence. I have grown to love it when she gives me a list of instructions, I try to comply, then she says, “And think about just one thing more.”  I know I can continue to learn from her for years.  Her training gets results.


Here’s a picture of my horse after our last Cowboy Dressage® show.


"I highly recommend that if you want to grow in skill and knowledge, you study with Sonya Livermore!" - Linda Garrett

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