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Equine Therapy


Sonya's many students love her positive and warm approach to teaching.  Her simple to understand yet detailed instruction enables everyone to have fun while advancing their horsemanship.


About Sonya

Sonya has been in the equine business since her family founded SonTree Stables in 1976 when Sonya was a small child.  She is an enthusiast Classical and Cowboy Dressage rider, driver, instructor, judge, and trainer who enjoys working with a variety of horses and riders.  Sonya's business atmosphere is relaxed, professional, and provides an environment where all the horses can live happily and train safely and confidently.


Sonya is a recommended Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association judge, and a level 3 clinician.

She is a member of the United States Equestrian Federation, United States Dressage Federation, and The Dallas Dressage Club.

She has formally trained with and received instruction from

  • The Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzaner Stallions, Gabby Herrmann

  • Al and Leah Kaufman, Kaufman Stables

  • Eddo Hoekstra

  • Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Lyn Ringrose Moe of Cowboy Dressage®

  • Stephanie Milham

  • Javier Ortiz

  • and most recently Don Jose Victor de Lara of Medieval Times and Magali Delgado of Cavalia.


Sonya has continued her diverse education through:

  • Cowboy Dressage® World Judges Boot Camp 2014

  • Interning with Cowboy Dressage® recommended judge  Gloria Beduhn

  • Cowboy Dressage® World Professionals workshop with Eitan Beth-Halachmy,  Lyn Ringrose Moe, Garn Walker, Jack Brainard 2015

  • Cowboy Dressage® World Judges continuing education 2017

  • Scribing schooling rated, to FEI level Dressage competitions

  • USDF Instructor workshop with Janet Foy

  • "Dressage through the levels" with Stephen Peters and Janet Foy

  • "Understanding Your Horse’s Movement to Realize Their Potential" – Course Instructor: Jillian Kreinbring.


To learn effectively, Sonya believes a horse needs a proper balance of work, turnout, and rest to develop a sense of security.  Through this philosophy, trust and respect are developed with both horse and rider.


Through understanding the uniqueness of each horse and riders’ ability to learn,  a customized training program is developed specifically for that individual horse and or rider.  With an excellent understanding of the biomechanics of both horse and rider, Sonya specializes in transforming the difficult horse into a balanced, happy, rhythmic and connected horse.

Sonya promotes and has successfully trained, showed and/or coached, champions from local to Regional and World Championships with multiple breeds.

Sonya currently splits her time between being a judge, clinician, and  Adjunct Professor at North Central Texas College, teaching the Basics of Dressage.  She also teaches amateur owners Classical and Cowboy Dressage foundational skills.


Sonya Livermore

SonTree Stables

serving Oklahoma and Texas

Tel: 940-395-0926

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